Parish News August 2013

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Parish News June 2013

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Parish News May 2013

Click here to read this May’s edition of the Parish newsletter, where we talk about Christian Aid Week 2013 and Elaine talks about what the future holds for both herself and the parish.

St Cross Report 2012

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Parish News February 2013

Welcome back to the Parish News with our first newsletter of 2013!

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Parish News December 2012

Click here to read the final monthly parish magazine of 2012!

Parish News November 2012

We all feel like we’re running out of time, so this month Chris Moore talks about our reasons for taking time out of our lives to come back to church, and Sarah talks about racing through Welsh hills against a train for Marie Curie.

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Parish News October 2012

The October Parish News magazine is out! Eirlys talks about her calling to be a reader, and thanks all that have supported her.

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Parish News September 2012

A little bit ahead of ourselves, but it’s the summer, so why not. Here’s the September magazine.

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Parish News August 2012

Click here to download the latest Parish Council newsletter, in which Elaine talks about our ability to handle people ‘with care’ and Appleton Thorn Primary School celebrates its successful performance of “What a Knight”.

Parish News July 2012

It’s the July issue of the Parish Newsletter, and Chris talks about swimming against the tide and looking out for those whose viewpoint might not be heard as easily as others.

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Parish News June 2012

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Parish News May 2012

In May’s issue of the St. Matthews and St. Cross Parish News, Geoff talks about his time at Stretton and Appleton Thorn and the purpose that God continues to have for us.

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Parish News April 2012

This month, Elaine talks about salvation, we say goodbye to Rev. Geoff Buchan and we get an update on the parish’s fundraising efforts.

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Parish News March 2012

It’s that time again for our monthly magazine. Included in this magazine are

  • What could we do with a youth or family worker?
  • The new Jam Sandwich club at St. Matthews School.
  • Appleton Thorn Primary School’s Farmhouse Breakfast.
  • The Real Easter Egg campaign for Easter 2012.

Elaine also talks about the need to support your local church and discusses how we can each contribute. Included this month is a bonus article by Connections.

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Parish News February 2012

This month, Elaine talks about the need to support our local churches and St. Matthew’s Primary School new Headteacher introduces herself.

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Parish News January 2012

It’s a new year, and a new magazine. Elaine talks about being made honorary canon and we welcome in 2012.

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Parish News November 2011

The Parish News Magazine for November 2011 is out! This month, Peter talks about what a Vicar’s husband does and there’s more updates on the 2011 Autumn Fair and Shine Jesus Shine Christmas Tree Festival at St. Matthew’s Church.

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Flower Festival 2011

Thanks to all those who attended the Flower Festival 2011. Photos from the event are now up, so feel free to have a bit of a nosey round them.

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Parish News October 2011

The October Magazine is out, filled with the latest and greatest from St. Matthews and St. Cross.

This month, Elaine talks about feeling ‘off colour’, the Essar Oil Chester Literature Festival holds a Bible readathon and the kids from Appleton Thorn Primary School weigh in again with their aspirations.

Hope you enjoy.

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Parish News September 2011

It’s that time of the month again and the September magazine is out. Please feel free to email with any enquiries.

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