Parish News November 2011

The Parish News Magazine for November 2011 is out! This month, Peter talks about what a Vicar’s husband does and there’s more updates on the 2011 Autumn Fair and Shine Jesus Shine Christmas Tree Festival at St. Matthew’s Church.

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Flower Festival 2011

Thanks to all those who attended the Flower Festival 2011. Photos from the event are now up, so feel free to have a bit of a nosey round them.

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Parish News October 2011

The October Magazine is out, filled with the latest and greatest from St. Matthews and St. Cross.

This month, Elaine talks about feeling ‘off colour’, the Essar Oil Chester Literature Festival holds a Bible readathon and the kids from Appleton Thorn Primary School weigh in again with their aspirations.

Hope you enjoy.

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Parish News September 2011

It’s that time of the month again and the September magazine is out. Please feel free to email secretary@strettoncofe.org.uk with any enquiries.

To download the Parish News magazine for St Cross and St Matthews Churches, please click on the link below.


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Aspirations from Appleton Thorn Primary School

Goalkeeper. Today on aspirations day, I have come dressed as a goal keeper. I have come as this because it is fun. I was inspired by Reina because he is my favourite goalkeeper. I will have to train hard and keep fit and try my best. Year 2.

I would like to be a footballer when I grow up because you get paid a lot of money and I love it when the crowd are cheering for your team when you score a goal for your team. I also adore it when I get man of the match and you get to spray the champagne and I love getting interviewed. I really want to be like David Beckham because every time he has the ball at his feet he always knows what to do, where to go and he is really precise with the ball. David Beckham keeps himself fit and healthy by drinking a lot of water by eating his fruit and veg and also going to the gym. If I eat and drink and go to the gym, when I am older I might be fit and healthy just like David Beckham. When I’m getting to my retiring football years I want to be a legend footballer. If I make a football team I will need to be determined to go on the pitch in front of 1000s people and to try to play your absolute best every game I play and if you want to be a legend footballer like David Beckham, you have to be a great sportsman as well. Year 3

Fashion Designer. My best educational subjects are literacy, art, DT. Literacy is fun because I love writing and if I wasn’t into designing I would love to be an author. Art because I have the time to design and DT is the same as art. The best educational subjects are Art, DT, ICT and numeracy. Art and DT because I get time to design. ICT I design on the computer and name and write about it and numeracy because I have to know a lot about measurements and width. Year 4.

Horse Rider. I want to be a horse rider because I really like horses and I really like horse riding. I want to go to races because I think it would be fun. I would like feeding the horse but I would not like cleaning up the stable. I want to win a big trophy. Year 1.

Teacher. Dear Head Teacher of Appleton Thorn primary school. I am … and I am sure that I would be a great teacher in this school. I am writing to inform you on my qualities for being a teacher in your school. Firstly I love little children even though I have no younger siblings. Secondly I know I can stay calm. If a child would start to be badly behaved I would give them warnings. I also know I can be patient and dedicated to my work. My inspiration is Mrs Railton as she made my school life fun in year one. Finally the year I would like to teach is Year One as they are not brand new to the school or too old. Thank you for reading this letter and I wish to see you soon. KS2


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