St. Cross Church was built in 1886 by Edgerton Warburton of Arley Hall, 3 miles away. He also built the village school and the vicarage which is bigger than the church.

St. Cross Church has links with the Royal Naval Association as during the war there was a Royal Naval Air Station - H.M.S. Blackcap - in the village. There are war graves in the church yard and a War Memorial outside the church. Inside the church is the Royal Naval flag, pew cushions and plaques donated by Manchester Fleet Air Arm Association. If you’d like more information on this, Derek Enfield has written a book about H.M.S. Blackcap.

At the rear of the church is a graveyard which is still in use. The original graveyard has become full and a new extension has recently been created on a piece of land adjacent to the old one.

Outside the church is the Thorn Tree which is an offspring of the Glastonbury Thorn. The legend is that Joseph of Aramathea brought his staff to this country and put it is the ground on Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury. From this staff a Thorn tree grew. A cutting of the Glastonbury Thorn was brought to Appleton Thorn by a Norman Knight and planted here.

Each year the tradition of "Bawming the Thorn" takes place round about St. Peter's day in June. This is when the children from the local primary school re-enact the planting of the original Thorn Tree and dance round the Tree and "Bawm" it (i.e. adorn it) with flowers and ribbons and sing the "Bawming Song".

A Short History of St Cross